Thesis research: Online Disclosure on Facebook

Welcome to the survey for our study into information disclosure behaviour on Facebook. The survey will take place in two parts. The first will focus on the aspects of general privacy attitude, knowledge of Facebooks privacy settings and the use of these settings. The second part will look into what information has been shared on Facebook. This can be done using a tool that will analyse your Facebook profile and determine what information has been shared. However, it is also possible to manually enter this information, if you have any concerns about allowing the tool access to your Facebook profile.

It should be noted that the reason for using the tool in this study is that earlier research has shown that a large amount of Facebook users are unable to correctly indicate whether or not they have shared specific information. As such, we will ask you to keep your Facebook profile open next to the survey, should you choose to manually enter the information. Below, you have the option to select either version of the survey.

Survey with tool
aprox. 11 minutes
Survey without tool
aprox. 14 minutes
About the tool (optional)
The tool available for use in this study was developed for Utrecht University. It will ask you to log into your Facebook profile, after which Facebook will ask you whether or not you will allow the tool access to the information requested. Since this study looks into sharing behaviour, all information you have entered on the social network will be requested. This includes items such as home town, relationship status and pages you have liked. For each of the items available, we will only record whether or not you have shared this information. The actual information in the profile will not be saved.

About the author
This survey is part of the graduation project of Roald van der Valk, who is currently a Master student in the Business Informatics Programme at Utrecht University. If you have any questions and/or remarks concerning the study, you can contact him at